21 Storeys is an emerging real estate services company that caters to the ever-growing Navi- Mumbai, Mumbai and Gujarat residential real estate market.
Employing innovative industry practices, they operate on the motto of providing a trust-worthy and convenient platform that matches the right builder with the right buyer. They offer a transparent and reliable real-estate solution model that functions in making the home buying and selling experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.
Manifesting a robust approach in all their endeavours, they go a step ahead in assisting the buyer with legal documentation and helping them procure finance from the right channel. They also work alongside the builder to ensure that the project receives a steady cash flow, is legally secure and and is delivered to the buyer on time.
21 Storeys has a varied target audience and a dynamic portfolio. Our approach embodies this concept and spins it around a sophisticated, clear-cut and a more corporate appeal.
The logo uses negative space intelligently to create a numeric 21 in between a building. It is constructed around the idea of a tall building with multiple storeys with the negative space being used to identify with the imagery of expanse and endless possibilities.

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