Honest Clothing is an apparel line built on the idea of sustainable fashion. The brand believes in keeping fashion rooted in the core idea of being environment friendly, comfortable, clean, and future-forward. 

Encapsulating the brand vision, the logo includes the word ‘Honest’ written by hand, an expression of pure, straight from the heart honesty.

Nothing defines trust and reliability better than the colour blue. Combined with the colour green, we have the perfect representation of nature, transparency and honesty, something that the label truly stands for.

The overall styling and design give a sense of sincerity, of someone who cares about the well-being of the planet and its people, of someone who is safe, clean, fuss-free
and honest.

Brand Primary Colours
Brand Secondary Colours
The Seal of Honesty:

The Seal of Honesty is a very strong visual expression of the brand’s core values representing the promise of using minimal resources, being environmental conscious and staying authentic and honest.

It is made up of a precise inner circle representing earth, and a rugged outer circle
that represents movement and flows in tandem with the inner circle, not disrupting the natural flow.
Variations of the Seal of Honesty:
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