We sat down with Thomas Parambil Architects (TPA) to develop a brand identity that would communicate and exude the clean, sleek design that this architecture firm is well known for. 

Every architect is known for their signature style. For Thomas, this is incorporating straight lines into the construction and design of the various homes he works on. As a brand that directly engages with its clients, we had to ensure that their pristine design style was clearly communicated through their brand identity.
Being an architecture firm with an affinity for immaculate design, it only made sense for us to apply this language in the design of the logo. Lines are the starting point for any design; they go on to create shapes and structures, and they form the foundation of TPA’s design values. The logo mark is constructed using lines, to create the outline of a building structure. On further iteration, we also found a way to nestle the initials of Thomas Parambil Architects — i.e. TPA, within the composition of the logo mark.
Thomas Parambil Architects’ values and foundational characteristics are best captured through the colour blue. A colour that is known to represent trust, order and stability – some of their key principles.

Aside from these known traits, blue is also one of TPA’s favourite colours. This is evident in the elegant designs they create for their clients, which are often accented by light, deep, royal and solid blues.

For this reason, the primary colour palette consists of two colours – a deep blue and white. The two primary colours go hand in hand with each other, and accurately represent the brand’s identity and values. It also allows for clear logo representation across different collateral and creatives.

The secondary colours include a harmonious blend of blues and greys which will complement and extend the meticulous and clean brand persona across applications. 
Brand Colors
Brand Typography
Design Language

Keeping in tune with TPA’s well ordered, clean design ideologies, we decided to implement the usage of lines to further develop the design language of the brand. Architect’s drawings are the starting point for any architect when planning layouts for their projects. The element that forms the basis of these drawings is a line – showing that architect’s designs are heavily reliant on this important, structural element. Using lines, 
we created different shapes and extensions of the logo element to delineate architectural floor plans.

The design language was derived from the two intersecting squares that are present in the logo mark. These two squares were then extended using lines, and shapes to create further compositions for the brand’s design language.

Lines formed the basis of the brand’s identity. From their brand collateral to presentation templates, lines ran across all these materials along with the base squares from the logo to form shapes that resembled an integral part of the architectural process. These compositions would act as supporting elements for text and visuals within layouts.

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