Ulo started off as a fun experiment which eventually turned into a passionate brand that creates artisanal experiences for the ice cream loving community. For Ulo, we created a visual identity that would incorporate this fun, youthful and energetic essence of the brand. 

About the Logo
The logo brings out the authentic and indulgent journey that Ulo takes its consumers on.
This is represented through the imperfect shape of the visual within which the brand name sits. The typeface is crisp and clear which brings out the trustworthiness of the brand.

The logo is made up of two elements: the brand name and the visual element, i.e. the Scoop, which represents Ulo and what they do.

Playfulness is an essential trait that characterises Ulo’s production process. The fun, playful and experimental nature of the brand is represented through its primary colours.

“Dark Love” is primarily used for the logo because it is a clear representation of the indulgent experience that the brand offers.

The other three colours compliment the brand’s personality effortlessly in a unique manner. The colours keep the brand young, yet artisanal.
Brand colours
Brand typography
Design Language
Being the unrestrictive and outgoing brand that Ulo is, the brand’s visual language is designed to resonate with this personality. For this, we have taken the simplest form of an ice cream scoop as the base of the design language.

The Scoop is the key visual element that is used across various collateral. There are two variations of the element — a solid version and an outline version.
It is an imperfect circle, yet a perfect scoop!

Use Cases
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